Monday, January 8, 2018

Valentine's Day Compilation 3: Extra

The theme for 2018's Fuck the Polis! Valentine's Day Compilation is Extra. Just send the file to uninterpretative at gmail to be included (or hit me up on Twitter or Facebook or wherever). Wav files preferred but whatever you output can be made to work. Any questions or clarifications or ideas you want to float are super welcome at the same.

2017 was Solidarity; 2016 was Pop. The themes are as loose as you want them to be; if you just have a thing, hit me up with it. But if you want to, this is a great opportunity to go ham, to push out some bullshit, to go in on an idea you had but that totally couldn't fit anywhere else. You don't have to write a song about doing Too Much, but you totally could. This is going to be a fucked year and we might as well start it off right. And if you have something but can't finish it, I'm happy to chat with you and help out on whatever you need. No promises as to quality, though.

There aren't any genre or style requirements, and your level of professionalism doesn't matter. Just whatever you're comfortable with doing, especially if it will push you a little bit into trying something you might not otherwise.

As I've said previously, thanks a bunch for even considering? I do a bunch of weird bullshit and this is another one of those things and I very much appreciate y'all. I'm gearing up for this year to be a fucking trainwreck, personally and politically, and what better way to do that than by getting a little extra.

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