Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Valentine's Day Compilation on Fuck the Polis! (round 2)

Here's the proposition: a compilation for Valentine's Day. Send me a song -- theme of Solidarity -- by February 14th to be included (day of is probably fine too). Email's uninterpretative at gmail, or sendspace or mega it or whatever to @Benladen on twitter or on my facebook.

The compilation is going on my terrible little netlabel Fuck the Polis!, and will be the second of these. You can find the first here. You can also see more about the original idea in the call for the first comp here.

Like last year, the theme of Solidarity is as loose as you want it to be. A song about worker's power would fit, but so would an expression of living in the world with others, in a way as oblique as a sample or an unmarked quotation. And I'm happy with a rejection of the theme entirely as well. Do feel free to hit me up personally if you'd like. All styles/genre and levels of professionalism (including none) welcome.

Hi thank you for reading this I appreciate you and I hope if this sounds fun/interesting you will consider it and yeah.

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