Friday, February 18, 2011

Introducing: Autotune Lacan

So, my friend Nico linked me to this article on Lacan as cult leader about a week ago on facebook. After reading it, I responded:

i ended up finishing this last night; it reminded me a lot of an article ill link when im not writing in e-ink (Poststructuralism as Subculture, by some ucsc faculty member i think [which is here])

this was a good article i think, aside from some of the na...stier bits of psychologizing, but then maybe those have their place too. the whole X As Cult argument always comes across as pretty, uh, petty, maybe? to me at least, although his points about certain things (especially the mathemes) seemed pretty brutally spot-on.

im no great studnt of psychoanalysis, i admit, but i find it hard to imagine that some of lacans critiques of the ego psychology shit werent both pertinent and correct. all of lacans most brilliant moments seem to me to be those points where he sort of points out those structural duplicities of a positivistic psychoanalysis and elaborates againt them.

maybe one way to think of lacan is as the sort of club/party rapper, a sort of psychoanalytic T-Pain. his structural utility then is not laying bare the dark truth of the 'grind' for onlookers to pick over so much as puting enrgy into helping us imagine the 'club' (for grind substitute empirical work, for club the psychoanalytic encounter or couch)

also dude seems to miss the most important similarity between shakespeare and lacan; after you cut out all the bullshit, in both cases all you are left with is a bunch of dick jokes

The idea of Lacan as T-Pain was something I found very funny, so now I introduce to you: AUTOTUNE LACAN (using a video that's probably not the best but it is my favorite video of Lacan on youtube, and plus the Situationist's voice is so perfect so fuck it)