Saturday, January 11, 2020

Valentine's Day Compilation #5: Smash

Since 2016, we here at Fuck the Polis! have been organizing a compilation released on Valentine's Day. You can find them here: 2016 (Pop), 2017 (Solidarity), 2018 (Extra), 2019 (Digging In). For 2020, we've settled on the theme Smash. Kind of.

Before that, though, logistics. The only hard rule is that it needs to be audio. These compilations have been home experimental, noise, plunderphonics, bedroom pop, poetry, folk, punk, country, darkwave, and a whole lot more. The artists range from pros to amateurs to genuine first timers. The theme is a suggestion, not a requirement. All you have to do is email me (uninterpretative [at] gmail) an audio file (preferably .wav or .aiff, but I can make anything work) before February 14th and I can probably include it. There is a limited amount of curation, but I've never had to enforce it. If you have any questions, hit up that email or @benladen or wherever you talk to me. I'm happy to support, whether with words or sounds or whatever.

So, why "kind of?" The A theme (and compilation title) for 2020 is Smash. As in: Fuck, fuck them, fuck it let's go. That brick? That molotov? That elbow? Throw it.That awkward interaction? Move on, or fuck it, give it one more go.

The B theme is Pushing Through. Give birth to that new idea, that organization, that way of being with comrades. Push past the hangups. We dug in last year. Don't let that get comfortable, don't let fortifications become death traps. Take new ground. Live outward.

If either of these things is inspiring, throw together some chords, some beats, some found sounds or blasts of pitch, some lyrics or a monologue. Whatever you're working with. Pass them along to me. If neither does but you need an excuse to make something, do it. Let's come for these fuckers, double entendres intended.

Oh, and I'll probably do a different thing for the actual album art so here's a goofy mockup I made:

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