Thursday, August 5, 2010

G-Force: A Photoessay (+ some Salvagepunk stuff)

This is a series of stills from that awful, awful movie G-Force. Whats going on here is that the mole member of G-Force has sabotaged a line of intelligent appliances (coffee makers & shit that can communicate with each other) to turn them into "electromagnetic nodes" that will rain down space junk on the surface of the Earth, forcing humanity into extinction/underground existence. This is in retribution for the humans own genocidal stance toward moles, and particularly the instance where humans gassed his family to death (for living in a golf course, or something).

"You ever google the world 'mole,' Darwin? Three million entries. Not on how to care for them, or love them, or pet them. NO! Three million entries on how to exterminate them!"

"Son, if you ever get the chance to bring mankind to its knees.. do it."

I think this all stands on its own merit pretty brilliantly, but I want to add this postscript:

The way that Darwin convinces Speckles (the mole) to give up his bid for world-alteration is by convincing him that he does, in fact, have a family - G-Force. I see this, in a way, as an answer to China Mieville's first problem/challenge to salvagepunk. To "put the punk back in salvage" is not to take an oppositional stance to the world according to the aesthetics of salvage, but to "to occupy it too well, not to overextend the logic of the game, but to track it to its horizons." That is to say, if Speckles had held onto the bitter rage he was showing earlier ("just like humans, bringing guns to a space junk fight") when Darwin played the family card, and said that yes, he had a family - and the family was the space junk - then perhaps he could lay claim to the title of a salvagepunk hero.

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