Saturday, December 20, 2014

2014 in Shit: Hercules

I don't really have shit to say about Hercules, the movie I only saw for The Rock. And this time I can't even blame it on the lag in time since I saw it; I distinctly remember walking out of the theater like "well that was fine and nothing else."

The Rock was good in it, though it was definitely a step down from his barnburner last year. I still remember the days before The Island and Transformers, when Ratner was Aspiring Cinephile Enemy Number 1 (with McG a close second) instead of Michael Bay. So seeing one of his movies seems weird.

Did this have a scene where The Rock killed a bunch of dogs? I'm probably misremembering that. I think he fought a bunch of dogs in a kinda neat set and it was shot pretty well, as far as those things go. I remember being like, well that was a weird thing to be the highlight of a film.

Also I think The Rock back body dropped a horse? It might've been a belly to belly suplex. Good stuff. The whole movie wasn't The Rock fighting animals though. I promise.

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