Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sunday Reading Archive; Starting Runday Seeding

I've been a(n inconstant) Sunday Reader since November of 2015. In the last couple months or so, I feel like I've kind of hit a groove with it, so I'm putting all the stuff I've put into it here and then I'll (hopefully) keep doing it in this space for a little while, at least.

The gist of it is that I'm centering around trying to take little snapshots of the political economy of videogames. So there will be articles about politics in games, about the economy in games, and completely other shit -- often including broad Marxist discussions or antifa actions that don't talk about games at all. Part of that's because I want to, part because I think it's useful to have these things configured even in minor ways, and part is because I see this more as a thing to return to in the future than one that will matter in the present, for me at least, and so I want to have touchstones. Anyway, enjoy.


Liberal Feminism Is Not a Winning Strategy in Gaming
Tom Clancy's Inherent Silliness: Why Ghost Recon Wildlands Couldn't Escape Its Fate
"Take ecstasy with me": a manifesto for Gay VR
How 'Resident Evil' Finally Lived Up to Its Title
A taste for Adventure
YouTube's restricted mode is hurting video game channels and LGBT content creators
Tencent cleared $10 billion game revenue in 2016
NHL sizing up eSports opportunity
“Consumers at home are only part of the picture for VR”
Playtonic removes controversial YouTuber JonTron from Yooka-Laylee GameStop blames sales dip on "weak" game category
Why Blizzard welcomes some mods and sues others bags $1 million for PC store that sells 1 game at a time
10,000 game projects have been funded through Kickstarter
Chasing the First Arcade Easter Egg
IMPALING MARIO, REVERSING SONIC: Inside Pedro Paiva’s Bootleg Games
David Kanaga’s Dog Opera, ‘Oikospiel’, Is Delirious Protest Art
Support staff are the secret industry that anchors League of Legends


The Roots Of Cowboy Music
Making political videogames may not work. But we have to try
Pokemon Go is a mass demon summoning that's destroying our reality
An Insider Look into the World of Competitive Bullet Hells
Theorizing local games cultures in a post-TIGSource era
Washington, D.C. becomes one of the first cities to sponsor an esports team
Kinda Funny's Colin Moriarty resigns following controversial tweet
What it’s like making games in Pakistan
Inside The Unregulated And Scam-Filled World Of Video Game Betting
How Episode became the world's biggest interactive fiction platform
Wii emulator can now buy games from the official Wii Shop Channel


Face It, Meatsack: Pro Gamer Will Be the Only Job Left
Telemundo Actors Vote To Join SAG-AFTRA
The melancholy of screen space in "Universal History of Light" by Stephen Lavelle
“We want games to be as important to us as film and TV” - BAFTA
The Good and Bad of a Decentralized Game Industry
UK [Games] Industry braces for Brexit impact, with 40% considering relocation
These Designers Want to Keep Protest Alive via Games
Framing Dystopia
"I worked on a VR project in 1993, for instance, where we were expecting that a grandmother, and her children, and their children, would be going to the venue together. The game was designed to appeal to all of them."


A Video Game Immerses You in an Opera Composed by Dogs
What We Talk About, When We Don’t Talk About Natives
This anarchist and ‘anti-fascist’ activist is using facts to go after the far-right fringe
Torment: Tides of Numenera Is Like Playing Through a Novel
Seaman designer Yoot Saito implores game devs to ‘swim against the stream’
Night in the Woods’ Scariest Monster is the War Between Boomers and Millennials
Black Skin Is Still A Radical Concept in Video Games
Response to Fascist Entryism Into Libertarian Circles
How things end
Falling Upwards: Gravity Rush as guide for the complex intersections of women’s lives


The Video Game Industry Is Afraid of Unions
How Technocratic Hyper-Rationalism Has Birthed Right-Wing Extremism
Road to the IGF: David Kanaga’s Oikospiel, Book I
Here’s Why There’s Anime Fan Art Of President Trump All Over Your Facebook
We Killed Milo: What The Media Misses and Ignores
The Little Town Down the Road: How Silent Hill Homecoming Hid a Gem in a Trainwreck
Striking on International Women’s Day Is Not a Privilege


Why won’t the games industry share its digital data?
Students of Many Forms
How Was the March 8 International Women’s Strike Woven Together?
Lawsuit alleges Magic Leap workplace is ‘misogynistic,’ ‘dysfunctional’
US games industry adds $11.7 billion to GDP – ESA
Prison Action News 10.1 Released
Antifa Worldwide: A Brief History of International Antifascism
The implications of Overwatch League
YouTube, Disney Distance Themselves From PewDiePie Following Anti-Semitic Videos
Everybody Hates the Berkeley College Republicans


MTV News is Organizing
Young M.A Still Isn’t Compromising
Global Nonviolence Action Database (Browse Methods)
Back in Black
Redneck Revolt Respond’s To Milo’s Berkeley Video
“Press Forwards” and the pleasing death of agency
We Are Chicago review
How the Heroes of Kingdom Hearts Find Strength In Transformation
‘Pokémon Sun and Moon’ is a Tourist’s Version of Hawaii
Milwaukee County requires parks permit for Pokémon
YouTuber behind FIFA gambling site avoids jail time
Facebook is closing hundreds of its Oculus VR pop-ups in Best Buys after some stores went days without a single demo
Political chaos threatens the whole games business
SAG-AFTRA Draws More Than 500 to Video Game Strike Rally
FBI reveals 173-page Gamergate file
New GameStop Program Leads Employees To Lie To Customers
eSports: The missed billion-dollar opportunity for publishers and platforms
green light
On Homesickened
I am become Bonk, the destroyer of worlds
VHS, Resident Evil, and the Found Footage Tradition
Korean Literature for Beginners –Part One, Part Two
Making the Best of Mass Arrests
Oakland crews, police clear out ‘Promise Land’ homeless camp
Beyond Lean-In: For a Feminism of the 99% and a Militant International Strike onMarch 8
Ecology and Japanese History: Reactionary Environmentalism’s Troubled Relationship with the Past
Terminal Showdown


< Video Game Voice Actor Strike Now Second-Longest In SAG History
Telemundo Performers to Vote on Joining SAG-AFTRA in Historic Unionization Ballot
Discussing the SAG-AFTRA Strikes with Geralt of Rivia
Insane Clown Posse is organising a ‘Juggalo March On Washington’
Why doesn’t MacArthur Park gentrify?
Game Developers Speak Up in the Face of Obamacare Repeal
More Stories of How Obamacare Has Affected Game Developers
Cutting Arts Funding Will Imperil Video Game Projects
Exploring real-life protests in Riot: Civil Unrest
A Deeper Conversation About Class and Inequality in ‘Gravity Rush 2’
‘You Sold Out’ to ‘You Deserve it’: How WWE Turned Indie Wrestling Corporate
Ladykiller in a Bind shows that we’re not ready to handle messy queer stories: When content warnings aren’t enough
Rez’s Trance Vibrator Changed the Conversation About Women’s Sexuality in Games
Queer Game Studies, “On FeministWhorePurna and the Ludo-material Politics of Gendered Damage
Power-ups in Open-World RPG Video Games”
Two speed market drove over $30 billion in games deals in 2016
content world
Don’t Die: Interview with Saru Jayaraman


Opinion: Now is the time to unionize the game industry
Voicing A ‘Final Fantasy XV’ Character Is A Strange Journey
Parsing Nolan North’s Vague Comments About The Voice Actor Strike
SAG-AFTRA Strike Negotiations and the December 1st Deadline
Nolan North has strong words for striking voice actors
An Oral History of Azeroth’s Most Influential Guild
The Highs and Lows of Moderating a Porn MMO
What ‘Watch Dogs 2’ Gets So Right, and So Wrong, About Race
Our Backyard: Disasters Waiting to Happen


SAG-AFTRA’s video game strike could spark unrest in other Hollywood labor unions
SAG-AFTRA Video Game Strike Could Last Months
Overwatch Actor Weighs In on Voice Actors’ Strike and Blizzard’s Role in It
The Industry, the Union, and the Strike
Games: We Are One Community. [A Letter to Game Developers from concerned SAG-AFTRA Performers]
Why Performance Matters: A Consumer’s Take on the SAG-AFTRA Video Game Strike
The Videogame Industry’s Invisible Workforce: Part 3 [Part 2, Part 1]
How ‘Dark Souls II’ Reflects Our Historical and Political Anxieties
‘Dear Esther’ Offers A Different, Romantic Sort of Apocalypse
Video Games Are Boring
The Rhetorical Effects of System Design, And Toilets
For better or worse
Inside Nintendo’s Plan To Save Video Games From Congress


The Desert and the Valley: Games as Refuge
It’s Not Easy Putting a Gay Sex Game on Steam
30 Minutes on: “They Live”
Saying Goodbye to Games is Getting Harder Than Ever
The Jungle Book
The Incredible Leaning Flip of West Oakland
MIDI Sans Frontières: An Open Invitation to Collaborate


Prince Had A Videogame, Here’s How You Can Run It
The Ballad of Black Tom by Victor LaValle

Fixing the Bugs
FFS get Gamergate out of my mentions
Notes on Cho-Am: The Myth of Closure
Notes on Military-Industrial Complex: Finger on the Button
Metagames: Playing at Good and Evil
Istanbul, Texas


1979 Revolution and the Politics of Choice
1979 Revolution: an Interview with Navid Khonsari, Part 1
Part 2
You’re Crunching. So Now What?
Ghost in the Shell and anime’s troubled history with representation
Meet the Woman Who Invented Cosplay
4 Ways You Are Being ‘Aged Out’ By the Gaming Industry
Videogames and Legitimacy
In Defence of De-Persons
Gun Modelling for FPP Games
Meet the Smash Sisters


A Deep Dive into the FBI’s Bizarre Anti-Extremism Browser Game
Demystifying WWE’s Business
Liars Cheaters and Thieves: Why You Should Break Every Game You Get Your Hands On
A Personal Remembrance of Hayabusa
The Zombie Apocalypse, 10 Years On
Freed From the Shackles of Work?
Get Mad and Get Even
Talking, Selling, and Wrestling: A Conversation with Jim Ross
We’re Already Violating Virtual Reality’s First Code of Ethics
Marginalia: The Problem of Other Minds
Don’t Die with Liz Ryerson


Fire Emblem: Fates is a fantasy chess game where you can make the chess pieces kiss.”
The Weeknd in the Wasteland
Style Savvy and Taste in Games
The Forgotten Amerasians
The Half A Press Sensation
Why Are JRPGs Dead?
With Those We Love Alive (Review)
Taming the Inexplicable
Birth of the Flight Simulator: Genius and Scandal


An Interview with Alexander Chee
The Grace of Keanu Reeves
The Soviet Union and Eastern Europe – The Roots of the Crisis
Part 2
The Top 10 Saddest Statues in The Witness
Good Bad Guys: What Marvel’s Villain Problem Reveals About the MCU
Now That I Beat The Witness, I See What’s Wrong With It


Long Seventies Conspiracy Cinema: An Introduction
Dropsy is a game about a clown who, despite appearances, wants nothing more than to do good.”
That Dragon, Cancer and how the digital age talks about death
Serfing the Net
The Power of the Isolated Vocal Track
Nipplegate Revisited: Why America Owes Janet Jackson a Huge Apology
I’m concerned about your academic career if you talk about this publicly
At World’s End
Cinematic Realism: John Brindle on the Metal Gear Solid Series
It’s Okay to Feel a Little Guilty About Your Guilty Pleasures


Jeff On: Emulators, Speedruns, and That Video Where the Guy Only Presses A 0.5 Times
The Modest Fantasy of the PICO-8
The Beginner’s Guide and Videogame Criticism’s Awkward Baby Steps
Radical Feminist Self-Care, MLA Style (Towards a Manifesto)
The Algorithms of Value
Apparatuses of Capture: Producing a New Regime of Accumulation Through a New Community of Men
Democracy, Disposability, and the Flint Water Crisis
Is this the first Instagram masterpiece?
Soldier’s Heart: The Campaign to Understand My WWII Veteran Father—A Daughter’s Memoir (review)
Cyberqueen (review)


When Authors Demand Payment for Every Copy, They Advocate Communism
Gods of Egypt: A Three-Act Tragedy
Sunless Sea, 80 Days and the rise of modular storytelling
The Humbling and Inspiring Tale of the Game That Proved Hitler’s Name Is Still Worth at Least A Million Dollars
Gender, Sex, and Sexuality in SF: A Conversation
Toward a New Fantastic: Stop Calling it Science Fiction


Jim Cornette’s Islamophobic views should have no place in wrestling
Battle for Boyle Heights’ Last Japanese Retirement Home
Why Can’t We Talk About Class and Art in Canada?
Donald Trump, Unlikely WWE Babyface and Cultural Mega-Heel
Here are these two middle-aged lesbian artists hanging out on an island, and then here come the Nazis. And these two women, …they decide they’ll go after the Germans themselves.”
Brazil’s Students Occupy Their Schools to Save Them
Is There a Community Outside This Text?
The Silent Hill Wiki circumcision meltdown of 2015


It seems small — the Japanese tag on Bandcamp — but that’s territory that could benefit actual Japanese artists who don’t have many areas to share their work, basically blocking them out.”
Dragon Quarter: The Powerless Fantasy
Woke Up Dead
many of the best and most interesting games to be released over the past few years or decades, from
Theresa Duncan’s CD-ROMs to Jack King-Spooner’s “Beeswing” and many more, have been marked by a specific attempt to move from a static formal framework and representational hierarchy to more supple and elastic system of affinities
Bioshock to the System
Community and consent: property rights in online roleplay
Making Sense of the Static
No, Crisis


Aevee Reviews The Destiny Flavor Text (following up A Thing Or Two About Destiny)
A review of Over the Garden Wall, and the criticism it inspired
Homecoming, in games and life
Continuing HRT After Arriving in the UK, a guide
Spoiler Alerts: Three Books on Trash
Video Game Programmer Culture Must Change


Elliott Johnson: the young Tory destroyed by the party he loved
Altgame Profiles: Kitty Horrorshow
Intel at IndieCade: The Cost of Diversity in Games
Diversity of Existence
Forget all the comparisons to cinema–games are more like operas
Conversations with Pippin Barr: Time and Performance
Climate Change and Apocalypticism: A Hope Indistinguishable from Nihilism


Kill the Player: “Oppressive politics such as white supremacy and heterocissexism enter creation through the ghost of the player-construct while enculturation to a capitalist and imperialistic culture is etched into products that define the player-construct’s existence.”
Videogames Without Players
A review of Kitty Horrorshow’s Dust City
On Furniture Design in Videogames
The Death and Life of Simulated Cities
It’s challenging to accept that there are situations where you can’t do anything useful, but once you have accepted that fact, you’re off the hook … there’s another kind of player agency … the situation where you have limited but not zero power.”
Thoughts on Liz Ryerson’s Problem Attic, following on the previous
More on the PRACTICE conference
Education is for Everyone Unless You Are Special
For the better part of two years, two of the biggest video game publishers in the world have done their damnedest to make it as difficult as possible for Kotaku to cover their games.”


Claris Cyarron’s Discourse on The Spatiality and Themes of Fallout New Vegas
The New Intimacy Economy
Weak and Wounded: “Session 9”, Work, and Insurgent Femininity
there are so many different kinds of invasion lit in sf/f; even exploration literatures are just invasion literatures written backwards.”
on “The Ressurection of Jake the Snake” and reality in professional wrestling


Watching Pasolini’s Salò in Kuala Lampur
A Review of Peter Jackson’s King Kong[: The Official Game of the Movie]
The Meaning of Marx
César Vallejo on Art and the Social Sphere, Charlie Chaplin…
Three essays on JMW Turner (the Lana Turner journal's pretty good, y’know)
How NBCU and WWE are Working Together to Woo Advertisers
If you work for Elsevier you are basically doing harm to your community” (& guess who got Libgen shut down this week)
The Indie Comics Animation Gold Rush
How to address the lost history of girls’ games
Consentacle: Tangles with Romance
The social reproduction approach, on the other hand, posits a capitalist totality” (&, like, all of the new Viewpoint issue)
The Third Annual Queerness and Games Conference


Austin and Speech Acts: An Attempt
“It Follows”: Contemporary Horror and the Feminization of Labor
Working time among video game developers: Trends over 2004-14
Ethnic studies courses to be offered at all OUSD high schools
Three Fauvists
About Schmidt: How a White Nationalist Seduced Anarchists Around the World (Chapter 5)
Guitar Hero TV and the Rebirth of Music Television
‘being yellow’ by binghao wong
Why you should be checking out this year’s interactive fiction competition
Conversations with Lana Polansky: Bodies and Living Art