Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Valentine's Day Compilation #4: Digging In

It's that time of year again. Valentine's Day is coming, and that means another compilation. Here's the first thing you should know: send me your contributions at uninterpretative [at] gmail. Preferably in .wav format, but any audio file will work fine. Probably a song of some sort, but we're flexible. I can also be reached at @benladen. The themes as negotiable as you want it to be; if it helps you put something together, that rules. If not, ignore the hell out of it. No requirements on genre, style, past music-making, etc.

The theme for this year's compilation is: Digging In. It's going to be a year of digging trenches, coming to a greater understanding, and eating meals with comrades. Some days are going to require digging into and rooting around in the guts of enemies; others finding an isolated space to dig into a book or some art you're working on or an internal conflict, in order to recharge. Digging into your work might mean coming up with rent, a nest egg, some better organized coworkers. Dig in on the offense to keep gains; dig in on defense so these motherfuckers don't get any farther.

As always, I'm happy to help with any ideas. Shoot me a message on the aforementioned platforms; in the past I've provided drums, keys, and light mastering to folks. I've also just talked through stuff. And if you want a little background (or just some fantastic music to listen to), our three previous compilations are: Pop, Solidarity, and Extra.

A fourth year means this'll have been as long running as the EPs this project was based on, and holy shit has it been way better. I can't believe it went from a week-long prompt in 2016 to something that has inspired friends to make my favorite shit, year after year, whether or not they have had any previous experience. Y'all kick ass, and I can't wait for this one.

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