Friday, December 20, 2013

2013 in Shit (Bonus): Cool Moves, Witch Hunter



Here's something I didn't notice until after having finished this essay; the square brackets indicate what I decided were the opening and closing frames of the film. That means there's only two moments where Hansel swaggers in the film that fall within the frame; once with a stick, and then with a gatling gun, which is arguably more practical than swaggering. The fact that the move with the stick is maybe my single most favorite instant of the film, period, aside, this might be a fun little thing to imagine; that the cool moves are largely paratextual, out-of-frame conditions by which the in-frame affective payoff can be emphasized.

Of course, another suggestion these images make is that the real frame is Gretel's assumption of Hansel's swagger; she shoulders her gun first, and last (assuming an imposed frame). That too might well be worth pursuing.

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