Sunday, April 23, 2017

Runday Seeding 4 (4/23/17)

This week: Marvel's bullshit, ESA Reports (and their bullshit), and college esports; college resistance, server shutdowns, and facebook futurism; Minecraft set design, bad feelings for flow, and prison abolition against games systems. 

Political Economy

Shut the Fuck Up, Marvel
Berkeley: After Workers Fired, Undergrads Shutdown Major Campus Event
The Extremely Convenient Indian
Don't Worry, Driverless Cars Are Learning From Grand Theft Auto
Twitch confirms that $10 and $25 channel subscription tiers are on the way
Chinese gaming giant Tencent is rebranding its digital store as 'WeGame'
Essential Facts about the Computer and Video Game Industry
Don't take the ESA's games industry numbers at face value
Unity devs can now sell actual hats (and other merch) in-game via new Shopify SDK
Netmarble Games raises $2.3 billion in South Korea's second-biggest IPO
Rising Stars: All-women's Stephens College breaks ground with varsity esports program
Google settles with Russian regulators to allow competing third-party app preinstallations on Android
Gambling website finds Evil Geniuses is the top-earning team in esports
Gaming video to generate $4.6 billion this year - SuperData
Who Is This "Shitposting" Tech Bro That Gave Trump $100,000 for His Inauguration?

Historical Materialism

Duke Nukem's Dystopian Fantasies
Level With Me: Half-Life 1, complete!
Doom: To Hell and Back
University of Texas, Austin: Frat Vandals Issue Statement 
Mailbag: Teaching Spatial Storytelling
OpenCritic’s Look Into Brash Games (PDF)
Esports will be an official medal event at the 2022 Asian Games
When the developers of Dwarf Fortress die, a museum inherits the game
Sony Closing Servers For Kill Strain And 5 Other Games
Exhibitors will be able to sell merchandise on the E3 show floor this year
Why the Alt-Right Are So Weak And Why They’re Becoming So Dangerous
Facebook is launching augmented reality game platform later this year 

Feeling Critical

Bad Affect as Game Design, Or It Feels Good For Overwatch To Feel Bad
Crime and Punishment in Prison Architect and Democracy 3
Elastic Energy: What makes a parry so satisfying?
Free Fire director used Minecraft to map out set design
Why Video Games Have So Many Endings and So Few Conclusions

Runday Seeding is for a materialist snapshot of games in the context of leftist movement building and other culture.